Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Review: Man and Wife by Wilkie Collins

Book: Man and Wife by Wilkie Collins
Genre: Classic/Victorian
Rating: B+
For: TBR and Classics Challenges

Wilkie Collins is one of my favorite authors. My husband and I fell in love with his writing after we read The Moonstone and The Woman in White... both wonderful, witty, involving books. Since then, The Mr. has accumulated more and more of his books, many quite obscure. One of them, Armadale, I enjoyed almost as much as the above mentioned "well-known" ones.

However, this one didn't quite live up to the wonderful Wilkie Collins stuff, in my opinion. It was good, but not great. For me, it got bogged down with WAY too much detail, especially in the middle and I had to really push hard to get through it.

The story is interesting, taking an in depth look at a strange Scottish marriage law where if a guy and girl SAY they're married... then... they're married! So, with an innocent little mix up right at the beginning, a few lives are completely messed with. And the whole book is about how they figure it all out and if/how they fix it.

Anyway, I'll continue to read all the other Collins books we have around here, but I'm glad to give them a break for now! I do think, though, that Wilkie Collins deserves more recognition than he generally gets, and if you haven't read anything of his, I strongly suggest you to go for it!

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