Friday, November 14, 2008

Random Friday Ramblings

Since I can't think of anything specific to blog about today, I thought I'd do the random thought thing. Beware, it's NOT all about books today.

** I can't seem to finish a book lately. So there's nothing to review. That's one reason for the blog fog today. I seem to be in one of those book funks we all experience now and then. Icky.

** I could do the "Seven Random Book Facts About Me" Tag, even though I was never tagged! However, I don't think I could come up with seven random book facts about me. They would be extremely boring.

** Or I could do the shuffle-your-iTunes-and-answer-the-question meme, however, only I get a kick out of that one and you would all think it likewise extremely boring!

** I got a year older this week... and not just because we've been having major holiday event planning stress already, on BOTH sides of the family, though that added to the gray hairs I'm sure, but because I had birthday.

** My oldest son bought me a $50 gift card to B and N! I was very impressed. Very. I can't wait to go spend it.

** I started Twittering the other day. I knew I would give in before it was over. But, I'm not sure what to think so far. I mean, it's fun... but who wants to know what I'm doing all day long? I don't even want to know! :)

** At work today, I put together a little book shelf to sit behind me in my little corner. So far, working at the library is pretty much like working at home! Only... at the library. Oh, but I don't have a computer yet. Some day, some day....

** I don't think I'll be able to finish the Classics Challenge or the TBR Challenge. I stink at challenges. Does this mean I'm what you call a mood reader?

** Next week I have TWO book clubs at my house. For one of them I need to read Blink. I'm so not in the mood, speaking of moods.

** I need to buy advance sale tickets for Twilight! My plan is to go on Saturday at 1:00 at our new theaters just down the street. Anyone want to join me? (Or all you all going at midnight on Thursday?)

** I loved Heroes last week. Oh, and Chuck too. And I'm rooting for Sugar on Survivor, and the mom/son team on Amazing Race. I really miss Moonlight.

** Wow! I can really ramble on when I feel so inclined, now, can't I! I better stop now before it gets any worse.

** However, before I go, and because no rambling post is complete without a Josh mention.... here's my latest favorite:



  1. That was fun. I can't imagine why anyone would want to know what I'm doing all day, so the Twitter concept escapes me completely.

  2. I LOVE rambly posts! This was fun. A happy belated birthday to you, and what a great gift!

  3. Wow you son did a great job! Happy Birthday again!

  4. Scott and I would love to go to the movies with you!

  5. After I finished Breaking Dawn a few days ago I knew I would get in a book slump if I didn't find something to pull me out quickly so I picked up a paranormal romance The Darkest Night by Gena Showalter and I LOVED it.

    I did the Book Facts thing today and forgot to tag anyone so I can tag you! Also Happy Belated Birthday.

    Hubby and I are going to see Twilight Friday while school is still in session so there won't be too many annoying kids there.

    I was thinking that this morning. I really miss Moonlight :( I know Jason Dohring is going to be back on TV soon but I really liked him as a vampire!

  6. Bookfool: Well, if you ever decide to Twitter, find me! :)

    Andi: Glad you like "rambly"!

    Serena: Yes, he did. Now I just need to find time to go shopping.

    Julie: Saturday, 1:00, new theaters!

    Ladytink: I guess I'll just have to go do the Book Facts after all! Oh, and what is Jason Dohring doing exactly?

  7. Thanks Anna and a Happy Birthday to YOU too! :)



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