Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Bunch of Book Bloggin' Business!

There's a bunch of stuff happening out there in the book blogging world lately that I feel the need to promote and support! One of them I've totally been looking forward to because it was so much fun last year. That is the Book Blogger's Christmas Swap! Both Nymeth and Dewey are doing it again. So, if you're interested, click here or here for details! But basically, you send an email saying you want to be included, and then they assign you your blogger and you send them a small Christmas package.

The other thing making it's way around is the movement Amy from Book Blogger Appreciation Week fame has began. That is to buy books for the Holidays in order to support the book industry! Easy, right? We do it anyway, right? So, if you want to know more about this effort, click here. Oh, and also, she's got a Book Bloggers Directory up if you want to check that out. Click here for that and be sure you're listed if you blog about books!

Let's see what else? I think the other thing was new challenge that caught my eye. Of course, it's one I do anyway, so I can handle joining it! It's being hosted by J. Kaye and is called the Support Your Local Library Challenge! Wahoo for the library! So, click here if you want to know more about that and to sign up! I'll be making a post for this challenge that will be blank now, but I'll fill it in as I read my library books next year.

Oh, and in other news! I got an early birthday present yesterday from Serena! She said she was going to, and she really did... send me a book that is. I did a for fun birthday wish list the other day and she went sent me something on my list! I was so curious to know which book it was going to be and it turned out to be The Lace Reader which I've heard so many of you talking about. It sounds wonderful and I'm anxious to read it. I think I'll be moving it to the top of the stack. Thank you so much Serena! You are the best book bloggin' buddy ever! :)


  1. I'm soooo getting in on the swap this year. I can't wait!

    Enjoy The Lace Reader! Looking forward to your review. It's been on my stacks forever, but I haven't been able to get into it yet.

  2. How sweet of Serena! Enjoy the book!

    And thank you for spreading the word about the Christmas Swap :)

  3. I feel like I've known you forever...so I'm glad that the Lace Reader made you smile!

    I love giving gifts. I don't even have a copy of that book yet. But my stacks are big enough to keep me occupied for some time.

    Enjoy the book and I look forward to your review.

  4. p.s. thank the family for the photo! Its awesome!

  5. So glad to see you joining the Support Your Local Library Challenge! Love the library!



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