Thursday, May 21, 2009

A New American Idol

You know I can't just ignore the fact that last night American Idol ended for yet another season. Why am I turning into such an American Idol freak? I love it. I love seeing kids who start out with a dream, and end up being a star. I love following them through that process and becoming one of their first fans. I love discovering new singers to listen to.

It's all just plain fun.

So last night, it's amazing how it all turned out! Wow, wow, wow! I think many of you assumed I was a total Adam fan, and yes, I thought he was great. BUT, I've been voting for Kris from nearly the beginning. So I am thrilled he won. Ideally, I wish it could have been a tie. But, I just think it's so cool that Kris came out ahead in the end over the guy whose singing seemed to be blowing everyone away.

I can't wait to see them both in July. It's going to be one fun concert! And when they make cds? I'll be there, buying both their albums on the very first day.


  1. I didn't watch American Idol, this year, but when I heard the end result was unexpected I trudged off to YouTube. I think the middle-aged ladies are making the decision (we like clean-cut). But, wow, Adam's got quite a powerhouse voice, so I can imagine he'll do just fine without the word "Idol" attached to his name.

  2. Hi!
    Sorry about thinking we were partners for the Blog Improvement Project. I jumped the gun I guess! Got an email from Kim and she has assigned me and Elizabeth. Thank you for stopping by my place and leaving a comment about my Lady Bugs. Have a great day!


  3. I thought Adam had a great voice but I could never see past the drama and thought he would be a great Broadway star. The further the season went on and the shameless promoting from the judges of Adam, the less I liked him. I was so shocked and pleased when I heard Kris's name called! Now with idol and dancing over, my t.v. watching will go into a decline.
    More time for reading!



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