Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Bookword Game: Results and a New Word

After a week's worth of voting, the results are in and our new Bookword has been chosen!

A book that we read as a result of seeing a movie we will now call: A Flick Pick! Congratulations to That's The Book! for gathering 57% of the votes with that winning suggestion.

This week, let's come up with a word to describe books you read because you think you should, in order to be well-read.

Sometimes those lists floating around make us add these types of books to our TBR pile. Perhaps we don't really WANT to read them, but we think we need do so we can feel like we are broadening our horizons and becoming that esteemed "well-read" person!

What do we call a book like that?

Comment here with your suggestions and next week we'll vote on them over at An Adventure in Reading.


  1. Since this seems like an obligation, my suggestion is "oblibook".

  2. How about MustIread? books

  3. congrats Aaron (that's the book) on the winning phrase.

    I'm trying to think of an idea.

  4. Hey, Jan stole my idea! ~wink~

    For another choice, how about "have-to-read"?

  5. "need-to-read"

    Aaron, congrats!!!

  6. I like Flick Pick! As for a new word. I'm lame and can't think of a single thing.

  7. Congrats to Aaron "Flick Pick" was truly inspired.

    I have absolutely no ideas for the new word


  8. BrainBook or RoundedRead

    I'm trying. :)



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