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Review: The Great Hunt by Robert Jordan

Book: The Great Hunt by Robert Jordan
Genre: Fantasy (of the epic kind)
Rating: A
For: own personal Wheel of Time challenge
From: bought it!

So, I'm not quite sure how to go about reviewing each succeeding book in this series, because whatever happens in that particular book might spoil something from the books that come before. My plan is to summerize it without spoilers, then make a list of random thoughts that may or may not have spoilers, and will most likely be intersting only to those who have read the book... at least I hope they will be.

This, the second book in the Wheel of Time series, is called The Great Hunt. That's because they, our heroes Rand, Mat, Perin and their new friends, are trying to find this special horn that when blown calls the Heroes of Ages Past to come help fight the last battle. It was found at the end  of the first book, then stolen at the beginning of the second book. It's dire that they get it back, along with Mat's dagger that he is unfortunately connected to, or else he'll die. Meanwhile, the girls head off to the White Tower to learn how to become... basically sorceresses. While there, they meet up with a couple other girls we know from the first book, and they all become fast friends.

And now for my random thoughts that may have some spoilery elements:

-- I missed that Lan wasn't more in this book, can't wait to learn more about him.... and what is up with him and Nynaeve anyway? Sheesh, just get ON with it!

-- I liked Egwene more in this book than I did the first book, and was so bugged at Rand when that awful Selene came around. Ugh... we got a hint at the end, didn't we, who she really is? Stay away from Rand!!

-- I really like Min. She reminds me of Jack in th Robin Hood series. So if Rand decides to notice her, it will be okay.

-- Speaking of which, boy, he does have a bunch to choose from, or what,  these days!

-- I missed that Perin wasn't more in this book too. More Perin please!

-- I really like Loial too, and how he can read no matter what's going on around him, and that he NEEDS to read just to relax and clear his head. He is too cool.

-- The end was very intense for me and I had to remember to breathe. Wow. Is this how every ending will be for all these books?

-- I loved that there wasn't much "now remember what this is?" explanations and reminding us about stuff from the first book.... especially since there wasn't a huge break for me between books.

--  I'm starting to get into the swing of the culture, language, mythology, etc. I love that. Some stuff I still don't get at all, but imagine it will all come as I go along.

-- And does Rand play the reluctant hero part well or what? Wow, he is going to have to face the facts soon I'm thinking.

-- What is up with that awful Liandrin? I hope we get more about what in the heck she was thinking. Sheesh.

Well, I'm afraid I could go on and on here, but I do hope that those few of you who have read this book will comment with some of your thoughts on things up to this point.

Bottom line: I loved it!

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  1. I like the way you've written about these. I read about half the series a few years ago- the details so rich eventually they bogged me down! But you've reminded me why it was fun, for a while.

  2. Jeane: Glad SOMEONE liked this review! :) But now you've made me nervous for the rest of the series. I hope I don't get bogged down. But I will give myself breaks between each one, just to be sure I'm good and ready for the next adventure before I start it!

  3. Someday I'll have to look more closely at how far I got, and write up a bit about them myself... I really admire anyone who finishes this series, because I couldn't do it! (didn't his son even continue it after he died?)

  4. Brandon Sanderson, an author I love, is currently finishing up the series. One came out last year, and he has two more in the works. This is the whole reason I'm tackling this series in the first place! So, we'll see how it goes....

  5. I'm so glad you're enjoying the series! I too got bogged down in the middle but it was more because there were such long delays btwn books. When I did a complete, one after the other read through a few yrs back I thought everything went at the perfect pace.

  6. I really like your review, and much of what you said I so agree wtih. This book has turned the table from me thinking the series was good to thinking the series has potential to be real good, and entertaing.

    The format you used for this review is great, and if you don't mind, can I use the random thoughts idea for my upcoming Wheel of Time book posts? It is so hard to review them, especially the further along I am getting, and your idea rocks!

  7. ibeeeg: Borrow away! Thanks for dropping by and I do hope to see you often. Come back soon, very soon, to see what I thought about book 3.

  8. Thanks Suey. I have borrowed away, and have just posted my review of The Dragon Reborn. I am going to read your Dragon Reborn review, but later because I must now rush off to work.



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