Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Review: Blue Noon by Scott Westerfeld

Book: Blue Noon by Scott Westerfeld

Genre: YA Fantasy

Rating: B+

For: Fun

Well, it only took me a month to read this simple YA book! But... I DID finish it!

This is the third book in the Midnighters series by the same author as the Uglies books. In this story, there's five kids who discover that at midnight, time stops for everyone else, but not for them. They get a secret hour, and during that hour they have some pretty cool powers. But also during that hour, the "darklings" come out!

In this the third book, the secret hour is starting to fall apart. It begins to happen at random times, and the kids learn that if they don't do something quick, this time when the darklings are loose will take over the normal world. It all comes down to quite a climatic, and even a bit surprising, ending.

So, even though it was good, and I still love this premise of this story and it's crazy world, I wasn't nearly as engaged with it as I was for the first two books. I think that's because there was less about the characters and more about the problem.

I love the characters in these books. There's Rex, who has the ability to understand the past, and his girl Melissa who is a mind reader. Dess, is a bit of a loner who has a thing for numbers, which are extremely important. Then there's Jessica and Jonathan. One can fly and the other can.... well.... I'm won't reveal that one! I wanted more, MUCH more, with their relationships and deep down thinkings.

But, if you liked the Uglies series, then you'll like this one I'm quite sure. So, read them and let me know what you think.

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  1. I've only read the first, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I better get the second one read!

  2. I didn't even know about this series! I'm sooo ridiculously out of the loop it seems. Oy!



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