Thursday, May 7, 2009

Booking Through Thursday: Graphic

Suggested by Vega:

Last Saturday (May 2nd) is Free Comic Book Day! In celebration of comics and graphic novels, some suggestions:

- Do you read graphic novels/comics? Why do/don’t you enjoy them?

- How would you describe the difference between “graphic novel” and “comic”? Is there a difference at all?

- Say you have a friend who’s never encountered graphic novels. Recommend some titles you consider landmark/”canonical”.

I know nothing about graphic novels. I've read one, Rapunzel's Revenge by Shannon Hale, which I totally enjoyed. Maybe I've read two if you count The Inventions of Hugo Cabret as a graphic novel too, which I also totally enjoyed.

Why don't I read more though? I think because I'm more of a word person than a picture person when it comes to books. Or I like that deep pondering character development bit that I just assume you don't get in graphic novels.

However, I'm quite really to admit that you can get these things with graphic novels, because as I mentioned, I know nothing about them!

As far as the difference between graphic novels and comics, my initial response would be to say that comics are those cheap, flimsy magazine things with tales of superheros! Graphic novels are hardbacks, with tales of whatever can be imagined!

But, I know nothing.

So it goes without saying that I can't recommend anything. I'll be looking forward to the suggestions from all you out there who DO know something!
(P.S. Be sure to drop by and vote for the new Bookword. Oh, and let me know if you are getting some nasty warning when you visit my blog. My husband says if so, it's nothing to worry about. But still, I'm worrying.)


  1. You know a lot more than me! :)

  2. I think I've only read one graphic novel in my life and that was Maus, because an art teacher recommended it in college.

  3. Same here -- more of a word than picture person. I highly recommend American Born Chinese. Of the three graphic novels I've read, it was the best. I'd probably read more if my library carried graphic novels, but for now I think I'll just stop at three.

  4. No, wait, I lied. I'll probably buy the next graphic novel by Gene Luen Yang (I think that's right) - the artist/author of American Born Chinese. I think it was just released. I did love that particular graphic novel.



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