Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Sunday Salon: Baby, It's Cold Outside

Outside my window: Dark and cold. Yes, it's suddenly quite cold around here. We had some wild wind this past week, but the city up north got hit much harder than we did. State of emergency even I think, up there. I was glad for my snug house and lots of quilts to cuddle up with!

I am listening to: There's a game in the background. BYU vs. Hawaii. Mmmmmm.... Hawaii. I'd like to go there again some day.

Song of the week: No song to share this week, but here's a video Toto (12 year old daughter) edited this week... a tour of our boat on the cruise we took this past summer. It will give you a good feeling for what the this boat, Freedom of the Seas, is like!

TV Talk: I'm still watching Terra Nova, but it's been a little boring. Amazing Race hasn't been as exciting as usual this season either. Survivor continues to be fun and dang.. Cochran! I just got caught up again with Once Upon a Time. It's very good actually. I haven't watched Dr. Who or Supernatural for weeks.

Reading Report
Books I've finished: Nothing finished. Still working on Inheritance and The Path of Daggers
Books I've started: The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth George Speare, because Toto is reading it for 7th grade English and I decided to join her.
Books I want to start: Gosh, so many!

I am thinking: that it's really weird that December just started, yet I already feel stressed about getting Christmas done, and that there's no time. I think it's because the kids are all out of school for two full weeks, which means things really need to be done just a week or so from now, so that we can relax and play when the kids are home.

I am grateful for: furnaces.

What I learned this week: I learned that in order to get a book signed by a  famous author, you will do a lot of waiting in line for that signature... first to get tickets, then to get in to the presentation, then in line again for the actual signature. Lots and lots of waiting.

The only author I've seen sign standing up, and looking you in the eye.
Also the only author I've seen that travels with a very obvious body guard!

Around the house: It's decorated! It's Christmasy and it's very very cluttered!

Favorite things of the week: seeing Christopher Paolini... twice, getting my Holiday Swap package ready and sent off! Listening to Michael Buble's Christmas album, sitting and looking at the Christmas tree.

Family Matters: Kid 1 has signed a contract to move out in January to an apartment complex, Kid 2 keeps on studying, Kid 3 won the rubber band car race, and also gets to take the ACT next Saturday, and Kid 4 is selling books for an orchestra fundraiser.

Things I hope to accomplish this week: survive seeing Blue Man Group (we are in the front row and that scares me for this show!), a family Christmas party, the ACT test, shopping shopping shopping

The Blog Report: This past week I told you about some challenges I hope to do, I made a list of books I hope to read this winter, and I reviewed The Night Circus, which will be on my year's top ten list for sure.


  1. Gotta say, I really liked this post. Wasn't even what I expected. Tidbits and soundbites from your home, etc., life. Quite delicious.

  2. That boat is massive! I know they're huge but seeing it is crazy!

    I'm grateful for furnaces too. So very grateful!

    I love that you showed a picture of the body guard. And if you'll notice in this picture and the one at Costco the hands of Christopher and his helper are blurry. Yeah, they were THAT fast. ;)

    I put up my Christmas tree last night and I need to just turn off all the lights and look at it. One of my favorite things.

    I wondered if you were going to see Blue Man Group. Have fun!

  3. Loved The Bronze Bow when I read it as part of the Newbery Challenge a few years ago! I wished at the time that more kids would read it. Glad your bambino is!

    Here's my Sunday Salon.

  4. I ran to Christopher Paolini yesterday at our local bookstore - sitting next to the Grinch!!! It was too funny. I didn't know who's lap to sit in ;) It was a pretty humorous combo but it was light-hearted and fun and Christopher was really enjoying himself and all the little kiddos.

    You sound as busy as I feel. Can you spell - overwhelmed!?!?!

    Blue Man Group? My husband surprised me with tickets to the show in January for my birthday in Las Vegas. I really think it's for him because, quite frankly, I'm nervous for so much testosterone and banging!! Let me know how it goes.

    Stay warm.

  5. I thought the body guard (and the signing mill feel of the line) was a bit odd. I wonder if he has the whole speech memorized (you know, sounds like the same thing he said here).

  6. CubicleRebel: Thanks for visiting!

    Jenny: Yes, it's insane how big these boats are. Ah, Blue Man Group. I'll let you know!

    Deb: Yes, it's a good one. I'm reading it very slow though.

    Inside: YAY! Glad you got to meet Christopher too!

    Melissa: Yes, I got the feeling he had the speech quite memorized. Hopefully he ad libs a little now and then.

  7. It has actually been very mild here. I don't even have the heat on tonight... It's bizarre for December!

  8. That is so funny that he has a bodyguard. I bet JK Rowling and Stephenie Meyer would need one too. I'm trying to remember if Meyer did when she came to Utah. Crazy!



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