Thursday, December 1, 2011

Challenges! Challenges!

I started blogging because of reading challenges. I heard of them through online book groups and everyone was keeping track of things on their blog. I felt left out. I pondered for... oh.... about a year... then finally jumped in.

Now five years later, I'm pretty much over challenges. They are so enticing, yet, I never end up actually doing them. Well, most of them anyway. So, over the years, I've committed to less and less. This past year, I did do Carl's two famous ones (Once Upon a Time and RIP) which are pretty much a given, and in which I actually succeeded for the most part. I also wanted to do the 2011 Challenge and Take a Chance 3, which both seemed like so much fun. But in the end, they were too much work and I only read a few books for each of them.

But it was fun to try.

Besides, all that, I've discovered that I really enjoy buddy reads, which are more interactive, so my reading challenge is to continue doing those, and even maybe do more of them.

All that being said, there's been a few challenges I've come across that I can't seem to pass up. And my guess is there'll probably be a few more. And like I said, it's always fun to try!

So here's a list of the few that I'm hoping to try this coming year... so far anyway:

A Classics Challenge (details found here) brought to us by Katherine of November's Autumn. I like this one because it's set up a little different. We read seven classics throughout the year (something I'm always trying to do anyway) and then come to Katherine's blog on the 4th of each month and answer the general questions she will post about whatever classic you happen to be reading, or just finishing, at that moment. I like that idea.

Seven classics I'd like to read are:
1. Vanity Fair by William Thackeray
2. Ramona by Helen Hunt Jackson
3. Precious Bane by Mary Webb
4. various unread Wilkie Collins that I have here on hand
5. Mary Barton by Elizabeth Gaskell
6. A Long Fatal Love Chase by Louisa May Alcott
7. My Friend Flicka by Mary O'Hara

Classic Double Challenge 2012 (details found here) brought to us by Melissa from One Librarian's Book Reviews. This one also has to do with classics, but here we read an original classic and then a re-telling of the same story. We can pick a level, and I'll try for the medium level, which is four books (two sets). My ideas so far on this one are:

1. something Robin Hood, maybe two new-to-me versions (Melissa says it counts though I'm not sure how to read the "original" story!)
2. I'm dying to re-read Persuasion and then it would be fun to read a re-telling of that one. Suggestions welcome.

Dean Koontz Reading Challenge (details found here) brought to us by Brigit from The Book Garden. Mostly I'm joining this one so I can aim to finish the Odd Thomas series! I have the next two books, here and ready to go!

So, wouldn't you love to join with me? Come on... you know you want to! What challenges have you found that you can't seem to pass up?


  1. Woohoo, another Dean Koontz fan!!
    Just let me know which level you picked so I can add you to the list on the challenge page :-) !

    BTW I don't want to overdo it with challenges either next year. Just the two I created ;-) and maybe I'll sign up for the 100 Books a Year challenge again, seeing how I read so much more this year, I couldn't possibly fail that one, ha!

  2. I've decided to drastically reduce my challenge entries this year, like you I think I'm over them but they are so fun! I just never finish them which often leaves me disappointed and feeling like a failure lol. So I've got my list of interesting ones and I'm trying to narrow it down =) Good luck!!

  3. I am not sure how many challenges I am going to do this year because I did so badly last year. The one challenge I have joined so far I had to make unofficial because I can't easily find the books. :( You might enjoy it, though. It is Gender in SciFi and Fantasy:

  4. Yay! Thanks for signing up for my challenge. (BTW, you can just read an "older" or "classic" Robin Hood and then a newer one. Finding the "original" might be a bit tricky :)

  5. I LOVE your "just say no" button. Love it! And that is my goal for 2012. Like you, I don't seem to succeed with challenges and most definitely get the most out of buddy reads. Our wot buddy read being the most successful for me. I do want to participate in Carl's Once Upon a Time and most definitely RIP. beyond that, I am heavily leaning towards the classic challenge that you signed up for and a Read my TBR pile type challenge. Goal - to not be limited by a list. Goal - to read what a mood calls for. To "just say no" to the many fascinating challenges.

  6. I'm just doing Melissa's I haven't found any other ones that have enticed me enough. I'm glad you're doing that Dean Koontz one. ;)

  7. Thank you for joining the challenge, Suey.

    I like the idea of Melissa's challenge.

    I love Austen's Persuasion but there are very few sequels and retellings of it. The only one I can think of right now is by Regina Jeffers told from the perspective of Captain Wentworth-- haven't read it yet but it's on my TBR. ;)

  8. Birgit: Oh, yes, you can (well I can anyway) fail that 100 books one! Yeah, I'm so not going to make it this year. Oh, well.

    Kristina: I know they are so fun. People are insanely creative!

    Kailana: I'll check it out!

    Melissa: Yes, I will find an older Robin Hood. It's possible I have one from my grandma on my antique books shelf. Will let you know.

    Ibeeeg: LOL! It's hard to say no, though, right?

    Jenny: I bet you'll see a few more that will make you crazy to do them.

    Katherine: Oh! I think I had that book once on my night stand, but had to take it back to the library. Hmmmm... perhaps I'll try it again for this challenge now.

  9. I too decided not to join so many challenges out there but failed even in that....there are so many other there and I'm hosting again this year....up to 16+

    sigh, at least I'm still enjoying them :)

  10. GREAT choices.

    I need to read more classics. My favorite is REBECCA!!

    Silver's Reviews



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