Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: I Love to Blog Because.....

... it gives me a place to rave about books/authors/characters that I love and hopefully find a sympathetic audience among other book lovers out there.

... it makes me think of books in a deeper way than "yes I liked it" or "no I didn't."

... it's a perfect place to keep track of all the bookish sort of lists I like to make!

... of all the connections I make with other book fanatics!

... it's fun to feel like there's a world wide book club going and that we are all reading sort of the same books and talking about them.

... then I can keep up (sort of) with what the popular books are and see what the buzz is.

... I can escape real life for a bit and live in book life.

... it's fun to make recommendations here and send people who ask "what book should I read" here to find out the answer.

... I feel like it's a brain stimulating creative sort of hobby.

... it's fun!

This list prompted by the one year anniversary of The Broke and Bookish who are asking everyone today to list their top ten reasons why they love to blog or read or do whatever bookish pursuit they do. Come join us!


  1. I say AMEN to each and every one you listed. :-)

  2. I do like that book blogging makes me think deeper about what I'm reading. I sometimes end up taking notes on a post-it throughout the book so I can mention certain things in my review.

  3. I agree with all, of course, but the worldwide book club comment had me smiling. I hadn't quite thought of it that way. I like it!

  4. Great list! I like the idea of a worldwide book club and that I'm part of it. :)

  5. Well said! I love discovering new titles and authors that I probably wouldn't have found on my own, as well as having a place to discuss books with other obsessed bookaholics! :)

  6. I love your list! It totally resonates with me.

  7. Great list. I've learned that writing reviews makes me think about the books I read in different ways. I love how it challenges my reading and makes the whole experience deeper.



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