Sunday, June 5, 2011

Random Sunday Thoughts

I wanted to check in here, but I don't have time to do a "real" post, so it's just the random thought thing today!

** Wow, life has been crazy this week! Non-stop I tell you, non-stop! I knew it would be, but the reality was even crazier than how I pictured it! Let me just make a quick list:

  • Rockapella concert on Monday
  • 6th grade graduation on Tuesday
  • Les Mis on Wednesday
  • High school choir concert on Wednesday
  • Elementary school dance festival on Wednesday
  • Shopping on Thursday
  • Final homework projects to help with on most days
  • Book Festival all day on Saturday
  • Dance recital all night on Saturday
  • And what happened on Friday? I can't even remember, but I remember non-normal-ness!
  • And today? After church. Birthday gathering.
** Yesterday at the book festival, I had so much fun! I took pictures! I took video! We met David Archuleta! Yes, you will have to wait for another post for all that excitement, but I will tell you about it all, never fear. But I just had share one picture I took:
Could this kid get any cuter? 

** I read a bit this week, finished Ship Breaker, started A Crown of Swords. I got The Forgotten Locket in the mail and read the prologue. And yesterday I bought two more books, because,  you know, I didn't have quite enough yet. 

** We now have five drivers at the house, and three cars. Should this be a problem? 

** Remember all that rain we were having? It went away this week and we had sun! It was hot! And it was weird!

** This next week should be calmer, but we will be getting ready for a trip. Then there's the trip after that, and then you really won't see me around much for awhile. I hope you are all still here when I come back! I hope to schedule a few posts. I had big plans for that, but I may have to scrap them for sanity's sake. 

** My long haired 16 year old son totally chopped all his hair off yesterday! We have a new kid at this house now and we keep doing a double take. I should have done before and after pictures. Maybe I can still figure that out. It's quite the transformation. He looks so good!

Okay, enough rambles. I need to move on to the next project of the day!


  1. That's a great picture, and I hope to hear about all the fun you had. I'm afraid my review won't be as exciting but I did get all the books I brought signed and actually chatted with all the authors instead of just standing there looking stupid. But, wow, it WAS hot!

    And now...He cut his hair?!!! LOL! Now I want to see!

  2. Love the photo, very fun, but I know nothing about David Archuleta so I must follow through with a post. :)

    You have amazing stamina Suey. Your list of activities made me tired just reading it. Wow is an understatement.

    Another book festival, envy is a feeling I have. :) You sure do live in a fabulous literary area.

    5 drivers, 3 problem that I can see. :) Good luck to you. :D

    Please keep me updated about your trips. While I hope you have a fantastic time, the not seeing you much part is not sitting well with me. :) :) I do look forward to hearing about the trip when you come back.



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