Friday, June 26, 2009

Random Bookish Thoughts

It's been awhile and I'm in the mood so.... presenting my bookish thoughts of the day:

1. I will SCREAM if I see anymore reviews of Catching Fire! Just know if you post one... I'll be skipping it! :) Even if you claim there's no spoilers!

2. I made a mistake when I deemed The Story of Edgar Sawtelle my treadmill book. Actually, it's good motivation to get on the treadmill, but I want so bad to keep reading that it hurts. I think this weekend I'll give in and promote it to my main reading book.

3. I need to figure out how to get on Random House's YA ARC list. Or Harper Teens... or... someone's YA ARC list.

4. I planned on reading all evening yesterday, instead I watched Michael Jackson footage over and over and over again.

5. Ya'll need to go vote in the tie breaker poll for our latest Bookword. It's up at An Adventure in Reading.

6. If I'm to make it to the 100 books this year goal, I'm behind about 10 books.

7. I had two brand new books in my hand at Costco the other day, both I'm wanting to read so so bad (The Angel's Game and The Actor and the Housewife) and I put them down and walked away. Good thing? Or bad thing?

8. We met Aprilynne Pike at the library the other day. She was wonderful talking with the kids and telling them all about the process of getting a book published. Then I had her sign my book and I stammered and stuttered at her for a bit. What an impression I made I'm sure. I still don't know how to say, "Hey, I'm a book blogger!" and make it sound halfway intelligent and like something the author would have any interest in at all.

9. Since the boys are still gone scout camping, I'm going to try again with the reading all evening plan.

10. In fact, I think I'll get started with that plan right now, and in fact, I think I'll go rescue Edgar from the treadmill too!

What bookish thoughts are you having this lovely Friday?


  1. If you manage to get on Random House (YA) or Harper Teen's review list let me know and help a girl out! :)

  2. I haven't had many bookish thought either since MJ's passing. He was my first pop fascination as a young teen. Okay, I've read a little, but not much with all the news. Just thought I'd throw my two cents in to say ditto on that one.

  3. Costco is my downfall-- whenever I find something I want there, I have to buy it, since it is so cheap! It doesn't matter if there are other books I want more.

    But next time you pick up "The Actor and the Housewife", put it in your cart. I really enjoyed reading it.

  4. I was on deadline for today and planned to spend yesterday evening finishing it up. It was hard to tear myself away from the news.

    What great impulse control! I'm not sure I could have put those books down . . .

    I hope you were able to spend the evening reading like you hoped.

  5. I wish I could get offered ARC of fantasy novels. Like Tor or something. That would be nice! As much fantasy as I read, I very rarely get offered any!

    I know what you mean on the MJ footage. It was all over the TV last night and I found myself watching more than I normally would. Then, Farrah's Story came on and I switched over to that...

    Have a good weekend!

  6. like Amy said, if you figure out #3 let us know how!

    I should be squeezing more reading into my off times, but sometimes the idea of going to be early is too strong.

    (PS I changed my profile picture, no more faded book stack!)

  7. I'm behind by 11 books to make it to 50, halfway to my goal of 100 this year! You make me feel better and not all alone as others seem to whip past with amazing books read totals already! As it is my kids complain sometimes that I read too much!



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