Thursday, June 4, 2009

Booking Through Thursday: Sticky

I saw this over at Shelley’s, and thought it sounded like a great question for all of you:

“This can be a quick one. Don’t take too long to think about it. Fifteen books you’ve read that will always stick with you. First fifteen you can recall in no more than 15 minutes.”

1. Life of Pi

2. The Book Thief

3. The Hunger Games

4. Wuthering Heights

5. Jane Eyre

6. Pride and Prejudice

7. The Longest Walk

8. John Adams

9. Lord of the Rings

10. Harry Potter

11. Pope Joan

12. Pillars of the Earth

13. The Good Earth

14. Twilight

15. Ender's Game

Once again, the list bears a striking resemblance to my all time favorite list! Yep. Funny how that happens.


  1. We have several of the same books listed. I forgot about John Adams. Loved that book.

  2. Diverse group of books you've listed. Mine is here.

  3. If we're just talking literature and not scripture I will say...

    1. Pride and Prejudice

    2. Little House on The Prairie
    (Laura Ingalls Wilder's whole series)

    3. The Giver (By Lois Lowry)

    4. Anne of Green Gables

    5. Tuck Everlasting

    6. Harry Potter (whole series)

    7. Where The Red Fern Grows

    8. The Trumpet of the Swan (E.B. White)

    9. The Ordinary Princess (M.M. Kaye)

    10. How To Disappear Completely and Never Be Found (Sara Nickerson)

    11. Brock and Bodie Theone's Zion Covenant books

    12. I Want To Go Home! By Gordon Korman

    13. A Little Princess

    14. Matilda (Roald Dahl)

    15. Hellen Keller's Teacher

    I know these are very random, but I guess that's the point of the list. I'd recommend all of them.

  4. good to see The Lord of The Rings in someone else's list :)

  5. I really liked POPE JOAN too.

  6. I have to get to The Hunger Games soon!

  7. Great list - we have some in common :)

  8. Great list! I have a couple of the same ones on my list. Here's mine.

  9. The Longest Walk- is that the one where the guys walked across the desert, and when they got to the end kept jumping out of their hospital beds to keep walking? I think I read it a long time ago.

  10. Rachel: You've got a bunch I wish I listed. I needed my list to be at least 30 books long!

    3M: Yes to The Hunger Games! Don't wait any longer!

    Jeanne: It's the one about the guys who escape from a war prison in Siberia. They walk through deserts and snow. I don't think they tried to keep walking from their beds. At least I don't rememeber that part!

  11. I had a much easier time thinking of 15 quickly that really stuck with me, instead of trying to put on the "favorite" label, but many of the ones on my list are definitely favorites as well.

  12. I forgot Life of Pi! I was trying to think of books that had great endings, or really surprising ones, because those are the ones that stick with you. And I really could have chosen Pope Joan because it really changed how I look at history.

  13. It just might be the same one. I remember they had escaped from a Siberian camp. I forgot about the mountains part- the desert stuck most in my mind.

  14. I just finished The Good Earth, and though this book will probably always stick with me, I cant say I liked it. The culture is soooo different than mine, that I ended up not even liking the main character or his choices. But definitely a book that sticks with you.



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