Sunday, January 14, 2018

This Week in Kpop : January 7 2018

It's been two years since we discovered Super Junior and in so doing, discovered kpop and our lives were changed. We're having a giveaway to celebrate:

There was another Korean award show (Golden Disk) and BTS won album of the year. EXO won one global artist, which caused the fan wars to erupt yet again. Also Super Junior and a bunch of our other favorites, won another award that I don't totally know how to explain. But yeah. What it means is tons more awesome performances to watch!

BTS held their 4th Muster (like a concert but more informal) and did a bunch of performances to songs that previously had no dances to go with them, so that was cool.

SHINee announced in heart breaking letters to the fans, they will go ahead with the concert scheduled for Japan... and sing without Jonghyun though they will feel him with them in spirit.

Super Junior indirectly announced an LA concert date for April 29th, along with plans to have Europe dates. Also, they had performances in Malaysia this week.

New favorite song of the week.... Grrr by Stray Kids. Ah, this one is so much fun!!!


  1. Whoa! That's going to be weird to have SHINee perform still. I mean I'm glad they are, but still; it'll just be weird.

    1. Jenni: It's going to be quite sad. Especially since Jonghyun was their lead singer. But, they'll figure it out. I just hope they can emotionally do it...

  2. So do you lean more towards EXO or BTS? That’s exciting about Super Junior. Are you getting tickets if they really come?

    1. Jenny: Oh BTS for sure!! No question. But I still love EXO too and allow that their fans can be just as crazy and passionate as BTS fans. Lots of BTS fans get mad if anyone else acts just as crazy as them for their's so insane. As for Super Junior, we'll be trying our hardest to get tickets. The dilemma will be seated or pit? We got that taste for being in the pit and seeing them so up close just can't be ignored!!!! But it's such a pain since it means lines and lines and lines....



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