Thursday, June 4, 2015

Dune Mini Series "Watch Along"

As you know (I think most of you do anyway), we had a fun read along of Dune this past month. To top off the experience some of us were able to watch the 2000 mini series together. We hoped it would be a better adaptation than we knew the 1984 movie to be.

It was not.

In fact, some of us deemed it worse!

And yet, we lasted the whole time. All five (or so?) hours of it!

We managed to sit there through:
  • terrible acting
  • boring music
  • awful special effects
  • unbelievable out of control costumes
  • weird glowing blue eyes
  • added unnecessary graphic content
  • unemotional scenes
  • dramatic scenes were the drama was left out
  • a claymation mouse
  • the strangest use of lighting I've ever seen
  • and I can't remember what else!
It was pretty bad. It was done in 2000 which you'd think was recent enough to make it possible to get the effects at least decent. But. Yeah. No.

Anyway. We had fun nevertheless! 

These guys were our favorites. Not!

The weird blue eye glow.

Riding the worm should have been epic.
But they missed the mark.
An example of weird lighting and costumes.

And here's a scene if you want to see for yourself! Gah!

Anyway, here's hoping someone some day some time can get this movie right! I know they can do it and when it happens, it really will be awesome.


  1. This is a good recap of what went down. I'm posting mine on Monday, lol. I even got a screen shot of the claymation mouse to show how awful it was, lol.

    I really hope they make a better movie someday too. They had one in the works, but it looks like it's a no go for now. :(

  2. Those stilsuits are terrible! I'm so glad I missed this!

  3. Lol! You found a pic of the guild members weird hand movements. Too funny!



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