Monday, January 23, 2017

Kdrama Review: The K2

Drama: The K2
Genre: suspense/drama
Starring: Ji Chang Wook, Im Yoon Ah, Song Yoon Ah
Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤

This is one of those dramas that aired and everyone was raving about it and I decided to wait until it was all done and out before I watched it. So that's what I did and then it ended up taking me forever to watch it anyway, so I should have just started it with the crowd when it was airing!

Even though it stars one of the best Korean actors out there, the storyline bogged for me! AH! GASP! NO!

But yes, it was way too heavy in the political intrigue for me and focused on the lady who all this intrigue was centered around. And I found her character boring and way too unsympathetic to get into. And so I fought sleep during all the times she was onscreen and all I could think was... more of the K2 please!!

So K2 is the code name given to our hero, when he comes to work for this lady. He's on the run from a past political problem he faced while in Iraq, the tragic back story we get as the episodes go along. And the our girl hero is the step daughter of this lady and she too has a tragic back story that causes her to have high anxiety and PTSD so much so that she has been reclusive and shut away. (Actually, she was put up on convent in Spain, but escaped and now she is basically being held hostage by this step mom lady.)
In the beginning before he becomes K2, he looks like this.
And then, he looks like this.

Anyway, when K2 comes to work for the mom, he meets the girl.... her name is Anna, and finds himself oddly drawn to her even though she doesn't come out or talk or anything.

And so it goes from there. The story gets very complicated. Anna learns a ton of not so great stuff about what happened when she was a kid, and her dad is a mess and part of her problem. K2 gets himself all wrapped up in their lives whether he wants to or not and then.... in the end... it came down to a final crazy finale!

So yeah, much of the time I was yawning. But that ending was CRAZY! And even had me a little weepy after all!

There's a lot and I mean A LOT of fighting and violence in this one. Sometimes it's kind of cool and really well choreographed (are you one who loves a good choreographed fight scene? I like 'em... but not like, every other scene!!!) and other times they were just... boring.  Oh, and it was also heavy on the shaky cam, which sometimes I didn't notice and other times mad me crazy! Ah!

That being said, it's all worth it for Ji Chang Wook. Just... believe me. And also, the soundtrack was amazing. (And Yoonah, who played Anna, and a very famous kpop girl idol, was okay, but didn't blow me away or anything. I don't know if she sang much for this one... oh wait, I just looked it up, she did sing Amazing Grace, which was actually pretty amazing.)

Still, it will go down as one of my least favorite dramas to date, sadly.

Here's an awesome trailer that will give you a good feel for what this one is like, complete with the cool music and fight scenes, but sadly no kissing scenes:


  1. Well, at least it had some nice eye candy. Sounds like it was pretty good just maybe not your thing.

    1. Exactly. Most people loved the crap out of it. :) But I'm good with eye candy...

  2. You only gave it 3 stars, huh? I want to watch just because Ji Chang Wook is in it. :)

  3. Oh wow Ji Chang Wook and it was still one of your least favorites. That's too bad. Maybe I should just find some clips of him from the drama and skip the rest. :)



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