Friday, January 14, 2011

Many Mini Movie Reviews

Over the holidays, we watched a ton of movies... some old, some new, some repeats. This is what I thought of them:

Tron: Legacy:  I thought this movie was pretty awesome! The music, the special effects, Jeff Bridges, etc. I don't remember ever seeing the original movie, so I didn't really know any background, but I don't think that mattered. The story itself wasn't the important part of this movie! But what was fun though, was to come home and watch the trailer for the original on YouTube. What a crack up that was! (It's about the son of the guy who got stuck in a computer game coming to find him and bring him home.)

The Tourist: I'm not sure why people are trashing this movie so bad. It was fun and enjoyable which is what movies are about. I loved seeing a "normal" Johnny Depp, if you know what I mean. The movie had it's slow parts, but lots of fun fast parts to. (It's about a mysterious woman who latches on to an unsuspecting tourist and very very strange things begin to happen.)

Toy Story 3: This was the movie we watched on Christmas Day. Most of us had seen it already, but that didn't matter. This one to watch over and over and over again. And cry at the end, over and over and over again. This makes you never want to throw out another toy ever again! (It's about Andy going to college and figuring out what to do with his favorite toys.)

Some Kind of Wonderful: When my sister came to hang out for the day I made her watch this old 80's movie. (She was probably not even born when this one came out!) I don't even know how many times I've seen it now, but I never get tired of it. (It's about a guy who gets his best friend, who's a tomboy, to help him go out with the girl of his dreams.) I've since downloaded this song from the opening credits, which I'm really enjoying blasting all around the place:

Despicable Me: I hadn't seen this one until we got it for Christmas. But I'd heard so much about the "it's so fluffy" part that I was waiting with bated breath! :) It was a cute movie. Some parts funny, some parts silly, but cute. (It's about a master criminal who gets surpassed by the "new" kid and recruits some orphan girls to help him retake his title of master.)

Eclipse: We made Mr. Stuey watch it. I think he fell asleep. But I thought it was fun to see again. My favorite part, when Jasper and Alice play fight. (Do I even have to say what it's about?)

Flipped: Cute fun movie with cute unknown kid actors. I really enjoyed it. (It's about a girl who has a crush on the boy, then she gets mad at him, then he flips and decides he likes her.... told from both their points of view.)

Knight and Day: Actually this one ended up being better than I thought I would be. It seemed like it was the good old Tom Cruise from back when. He was great. There were lots of action fast paced scenes that were fun. It was a perfect "rental" movie. (It's about a federal agent who somehow gets this girl all mixed up in his huge mess.)

Ramona and Beezus: A lot like Flipped, just a cute easy, fun family movie. (It's about Ramona and Beezus dealing with their dad losing their job and how that affects their family.)

Illegally Yours: One night we tried to get a movie (I think it was Knight and Day at the time) and were unsuccessful, so we ended up watching this on On Demand. An 80s movie I'd never heard of... it reminded me a lot of one of our favorite Barbra Streisand movies, What's Up Doc? It was fun to see the 80s Rob Lowe again too. (It's about a guy trying to prove the innocence of this girl he knows from his past, and decided he's fallen in love with again.)

The Social Network: We just watched this one last night, one I've been anxious to see for quite some time now. I found to be very entertaining and fascinating. And sad too. The dialog was wonderful, quick and punchy. It actually reminded me a lot of Gilmore Girls that way. Lots of funny stuff that you'll miss if you aren't really paying attention. I fell in love with whoever it was that played Eduardo. (It's about the beginnings of Facebook and the lawsuits Mark Zuckerburg faced shortly thereafter.)

Have you seen any of these? What'd you think? Which ones should be next on my list? (True Grit is one I know for sure!)


  1. SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL! Love, love, love that movie. Had to watch/listen to the opening, of course. :)

    (And totally dated myself right there.)

  2. wow, you have been busy watching movies! I loved Knight and Day. I love seeing Johnny Depp "normal" but I haven't seen The Tourist yet. Tron is a movie that grew on me as the original, but I think I would end up comparing the new one to I'm waiting for DVD on that one.

  3. Just saw a wonderful movie - "Dangerous Beauty". Takes place in Venice in the years just before the Plague and Inquisition. Fair warning, it is about a courtesan and there is sex and nudity. "Pillars of the Earth" is another great one, but long and with graphic sex and violence.

  4. You know, all this talk of Some Kind Of Wonderful... If you can believe it I've never seen it. But after watching that kiss scene you had up awhile ago...yeah, definitely have to see it now.

  5. The only movie in this list I have seen is Toy Story 3...very enjoyable movie.

    I would like to see Knight and Day, but hesitate because well...I am Tommed out and do not care much for Cameron Diaz although...the movie looks fun.

    The Tourist is a must view movie for me. Anything Johnny Depp and I am there. The one thing makes me hesitate with this movie is Angelina Jolie...not a fan of hers.

    I watched two movies over the holidays and was thinking about posting about them next week. I like the way you reviewed these movies...simple, and straight forth. :)

  6. I really liked The Social Network - it's stuck with me, and I just bought the book it's based on. The dialogue comes from Aaron Sorkin and has been his writing trademark since The West Wing.

    And you'll get no argument from me about Andrew Garfield (Eduardo) :-).

  7. Suey, have you read the book Flipped? It's also delightful. I have yet to see the movie but hear wonderful things.

    We still need to meet sometime! When do you work?

  8. Annette: Me too! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

    Serena: I suggest Tron in the theater... for the sound and the 3D and all. Not sure it would be as "cool" on DVD. Just sayin.

    Erin: I'm not much into the sex and nudity thing, though the story itself I'm sure I would love!

    Techno: Oh, I hope you get to see it soon! So good.

    Ibeeeg: I'm not at all an Angelina fan either, so I pretty much just ignored her and concentrated on Johnny! :)

    Florinda: There's a book? :) Yes, LOVED Eduardo.

    Holly: Yes, I have read it, many years ago...and loved it! As for working, I'm up in the office Mon, Tues and Fri. mornings (9 to 1.) Do come say hi!

  9. I have not seen a single one of these, although Mini-me got Toy Story 3 for Christmas. When he went to see it, he said he teared up a bit; said that is tidily wrapped up the story of his childhood. Maybe I'll have to watch it tonight!

  10. I really want to see The Tourist! I am big fans of both Jolie and Depp (really, who isn't a fan of the latter?!?) and think it looks very good!

    LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Toy Story 3!

    And, last but not least, definitely want to see The Social Network! I have heard such great things about this one!

    I haven't seen the others, but a couple I will see if I can pick up from my library!



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